Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

The following is a list of some of our most impactful journal articles. For a complete list please see the full journal articles page sorted either chronologically or alphabetically.

  1. Li, L.; Shemetov, A. A.; Baloban, M.; Hu, P.; Zhu, L.; Shcherbakova, D. M.; Zhang, R.; Shi, J.; Yao, J.; Wang, L. V.; Verkhusha, V. V.; "Small near-infrared photochromic protein for photoacoustic multi-contrast imaging and detection of protein interactions in vivo," Nature Communications 9(1) 2734 (2018) [PDF]

  2. Lin, L.; Hu, P.; Shi, J.; Appleton, C. M.; Maslov, K.; Li, L.; Zhang, R.; Wang, L. V.; "Single-breath-hold photoacoustic computed tomography of the breast," Nature Communications 9(1) 2352 (2018) [PDF]

  3. Wong, T. T. W.; Zhang, R.; Zhang, C.; Hsu, H. C.; Maslov, K. I.; Wang, L.; Shi, J.; Chen, R.; Shung, K. K.; Zhou, Q.; Wang, L. V.; "Label-free automated three-dimensional imaging of whole organs by microtomy-assisted photoacoustic microscopy," Nature Communications 8(1) 1386 (2017) [PDF]

  4. Yang, J.; Gong, L.; Xu, X.; Hai, P.; Shen, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Wang, L. V.; "Motionless volumetric photoacoustic microscopy with spatially invariant resolution," Nature Communications 8(1) 780 (2017) [PDF]

  5. Wong, T. T. W.; Zhang, R.; Hai, P.; Zhang, C.; Pleitez, M. A.; Aft, R. L.; Novack, D. V.; Wang, L. V.; "Fast label-free multilayered histology-like imaging of human breast cancer by photoacoustic microscopy," Science Advances 3(5) e1602168 (2017) [Request PDF]

  6. [Li, L.; Zhu, L.; Ma, C.; Lin, L.]; Yao, J.; Wang, L.; Maslov, K.; Zhang, R.; Chen, W.; Shi, J. H.; Wang, L. V.; "Single-impulse panoramic photoacoustic computed tomography of small-animal whole-body dynamics at high spatiotemporal resolution," Nature Biomedical Engineering 1 0071 (2017) [Request PDF]

  7. [Liang, J.; Ma, C.; Zhu, L.]; Chen, Y.; Gao, L.; Wang, L. V.; "Single-shot real-time video recording of a photonic Mach cone induced by a scattered light pulse," Science Advances 3(1) e1601814 (2017) [Request PDF]

  8. Wang, L. V.; Yao, J.; "A practical guide to photoacoustic tomography in the life sciences," Nature Methods 13(8) 627637 (2016) [PDF]

  9. [Yao, J.; Kaberniuk, A. A.; Li, L.]; Scherbakova, D. M.; Zhang, R.; Wang, L.; Li, G.; Verkhusha, V. V.; Wang, L. V.; "Multiscale photoacoustic tomography using reversibly switchable bacterial phytochrome as near-infrared photochromic probe," Nature Methods 13(1) 6773 (2016) [PDF]

  10. Yao, J.; Wang, L. ; Yang, J. M.; Maslov, K. I.; Wong, T. T. W.; Li, L.; Huang, C.; Zou, J.; Wang, L. V.; "High-speed label-free functional photoacoustic microscopy of mouse brain in action," Nature Methods 12(5) 407-10 (2015) [PDF]

  11. Lai, P.; Wang, L.; Tay, J. W.; Wang, L. V.; "Photoacoustically guided wavefront shaping (PAWS) for enhanced optical focusing in scattering media," Nature Photonics 9 126-132 (2015) [PDF]

  12. Liu, Y.; Lai, P.; Ma, C.; Xu, X.; Grabar, A. A.; Wang, L. V.; "Optical focusing deep inside dynamic scattering media with near-infrared time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) light," Nature Communications 6 5409 (2015) [PDF]

  13. Ma, C.; Xu, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, L. V.; "Time-reversed adapted-perturbation (TRAP) optical focusing onto dynamic objects inside scattering media," Nature Photonics 8(12) 931-936 (2014) [PDF]

  14. [Gao, L.; Liang, J.]; Li, C.; Wang, L. V.; "Single-shot compressed ultrafast photography at one hundred billion frames per second," Nature 516(7529) 7477 (2014) [PDF]

  15. Wang, L.; Zhang, C.; Wang, L. V.; "Grueneisen relaxation photoacoustic microscopy," Physical Review Letters 113 174301 (2014) [PDF]

  16. Nasiriavanaki, M.; Xia, J.; Wan, H.; Bauer, A. Q.; Culver, J. P.; Wang, L. V.; "High-resolution photoacoustic tomography of resting-state functional connectivity in the mouse brain," PNAS 111(1) 2126 (2014) [PDF]

  17. Yao, J.; Wang, L.; Li, C.; Zhang, C.; Wang, L. V.; "Photoimprint photoacoustic microscopy for three-dimensional label-free sub-diffraction imaging," Physical Review Letters 112(1) 014302 (2014) [PDF]

  18. Wang, L.; Xia, J.; Yao, J.; Maslov, K. I.; Wang, L. V.; "Ultrasonically encoded photoacoustic flowgraphy in biological tissue," Physical Review Letters 111 204301 (2013) [PDF]

  19. Wang, L.; Maslov, K.; Wang, L. V.; "Single-cell label-free photoacoustic flowoxigraphy in vivo," PNAS 110(15) 57595764 (2013) [PDF]

  20. Wang, L. V.; Hu, S.; "Photoacoustic tomography: in vivo imaging from organelles to organs," Science 335 1458-1462 (2012) [PDF]

  21. Yang, J. M.; Favazza, C.; Chen, R.; Yao, J.; Cai, X.; Maslov, K.; Zhou, Q.; Shung, K. K.; Wang, L. V.; "Simultaneous functional photoacoustic and ultrasonic endoscopy of internal organs in vivo," Nature Medicine 18(8) 1297-1303 (2012) [PDF]

  22. Lovell, J. F.; Jin, C. S.; Huynh, E.; Jin, H.; Kim, C.; Rubinstein, J. L.; Chan, W. C.; Cao, W.; Wang, L. V.; Zheng, G.; "Porphysome nanovesicles generated by porphyrin bilayers for use as multimodal biophotonic contrast agents," Nature Materials 10(4) 324-32 (2011) [PDF]

  23. [Xu, X.; Liu, H.]; Wang, L. V.; "Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into scattering media," Nature Photonics 5(3) 154-157 (2011) [PDF]

  24. Yavuz, M. S.; Cheng, Y.; Chen, J.; Cobley, C. M.; Xie, J.; Kim, C.; Wang, L. V.; Xia, Y. N.; "Gold nanocages covered by smart polymers for controlled release with near-infrared light," Nature Materials 8(12) 935-939 (2009) [PDF]

  25. Wang, L. V.; "Multiscale photoacoustic microscopy and computed tomography," Nature Photonics 3(9) 503-509 (2009) [PDF]

  26. Wang, L. V.; "Prospects of photoacoustic tomography," Medical Physics 35(12) 5758-5767 (2008) [PDF]

  27. Fang, H.; Maslov, K.; Wang, L. V.; "Photoacoustic Doppler effect from flowing small light-absorbing particles," Physical Review Letters 99(18) 184501-(1-4) (2007) [PDF]

  28. Zhang, H. F.; Maslov, K.; Wang, L. V.; "In vivo imaging of subcutaneous structures using functional photoacoustic microscopy," Nature Protocols 2(4) 797804 (2007) [PDF]

  29. Sakadzic, S.; Wang, L. V.; "Correlation transfer and diffusion of ultrasound-modulated multiply scattered light," Physical Review Letters 96(16) 163902- (1-4) (2006) [PDF]

  30. Zhang, H. F.; Maslov, K.; Stoica, G.; Wang, L. V.; "Functional photoacoustic microscopy for high-resolution and noninvasive in vivo imaging," Nature Biotechnology 24(7) 848-851 (2006) [PDF]

  31. Maslov, K.; Stoica, G.; Wang, L. V. ; "In vivo dark-field reflection-mode photoacoustic microscopy," Optics Letters 30(6) 625-627 (2005) [PDF]

  32. Xu, M. H.; Wang, L. V.; "Universal back-projection algorithm for photoacoustic computed tomography," Physical Review E 71(1) 016706-(1-7) (2005) [PDF]

  33. Xu, Y.; Wang, L. V.; "Time reversal and its application to tomography with diffracting sources," Physical Review Letters 92(3) 033902-(1-4) (2004) [PDF]

  34. Wang, X. D.; Pang, Y. J.; Ku, G.; Xie, X. Y.; Stoica, G.; Wang, L. V.; "Noninvasive laser-induced photoacoustic tomography for structural and functional in vivo imaging of the brain," Nature Biotechnology 21(7) 803-806 (2003) [PDF]

  35. Xu, M. H.; Wang, L. V.; "Time-domain reconstruction for thermoacoustic tomography in a spherical geometry," IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 21(7) 814-822 (2002) [PDF]

  36. Wang, L. V.; "Mechanisms of ultrasonic modulation of multiply scattered coherent light: an analytic model," Physical Review Letters 87(4) 043903-(1-4) (2001) [PDF]

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